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The following videos are in WMV format.  To view them simply follow the picture or text links below.   

If you like what you see, please check back occasionally for I have several more in the works.


Most LOTR graphics used here and within individual blog pages were screencaped by Moraya at

Annon Nan Galadh.


I must ask that you remain respectful of my work.  Please do not steal my videos to claim as your own or dissect them for your own clips.  Thank you.


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Title: 'The Swan Song'
Artist: Within Temptation
Characters:  Frodo and Arwen
Download:     High     Low     YouTube

This is a character study of Frodo and Arwen showing some of the similarities in their separate journeys throughout all three films.  I was almost tempted to add Eowyn and maybe other characters into the mix but then decided against this for fear of overcrowding. lol  Hope you like:)
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A bizarre and slightly humorous take on the Rings Evil mischief.


Low     High

Song: When You're Evil

Artist: Voltaire




Song: Black Balloon

Artist: The Goo Goo Dolls



Arwen and Eowyn as seen from Aragorn’s POV.

Low     High

AU story ~ A girl raised in a war torn country watches helplessly as her mother, then her brother are slain in battle. When her father, overcome with grief, swears vengeance for their deaths, Eowyn tries desperately to save him and hold on to her last remaining loved one.

Low     High

Song: Hey Jupiter

Artist: Tori Amos





Song: Now We Are Free

Artist: Lisa Gerrard and Hans Zimmer



A tribute to the heroism of Frodo Baggins and freedom of Middle Earth from Sauron.
Low     High

YouTube   iPod

As both Eowyn and Faramir's worlds crumble to pieces around them they try desperately to hold onto what they can, and eventually find one another.
Low     High

Song: World On Fire

Artist: Sarah McLachlan

Size: 14.5 MB





Song: My Immortal

Artist: Evanescence


A tribute to the friendship between Frodo and Sam, my two favorite characters within the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Most of this vid is seen from Sam’s POV and subtly portrays how together they were able to save Middle Earth.
Low     High

After Aragorn's passing, Arwen goes to the land of Lorien to die. Here she reflects back on and her decision to live a mortal life.
Low     High

Song: Kissing You

Artist: Des'ree




Song: I Need You

Artist: Leann Rimes

Size: 18.7 MB

A reflection on some of the relationships within the LotR and how the characters find their strength and courage in one another.
Low     High

 A general Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring action video.
Download     YouTube

Song:  Bring Me To Life

Artist:  Evanescence




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