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March 30, 2007

It has been a very exciting month here at Elvira Productions. First off, I want to give major thanks to Adam Malin at Creation Entertainment'When You're Evil' won an award in The One Ring Celebration (ORC) 2007 video contest and received a live audience screening at the event earlier this month in Burbank, CA. I was able to attend part of the three day event and it was awesome! My boyfriend and I met Andy Serkis (Gollum from the LotR).. that’s us below ^_^  


Andy gave me hug and kiss on the cheek too! Lol I couldn’t stop smiling.. and yeah, I gave him a dvd of all my vids :) There are video highlights from Andy’s Q&A session at Creation’s website here: http://www.creationent.com/video.htm He was very sweet and so hysterical. My favorite part is when a fan asked him to hold her engagement ring and say “My precious.” Lmao!


I also saw David Wenham’s (Faramir from LotR/Dilios from 300) Q&A and wow is he gorgeous. *melts thinking about it* Billy Boyd (Pippin from LotR) was there as well, along with his band BeeCake, but I missed them both *sad*


Four New Affiliates! Twenty-one New Awards!


In other news, added a handful of wonderful Affiliates recently:) Please welcome and visit Vision and Reflection hosted by Pathetic Dreamer, Diamond Galaxy Awards hosted by Farah and Sandra, and Sunny88 Music Videos.  


Also feel honoured to have won several new video awards and some feedback online for 'Black Balloon,' 'When You're Evil,' 'The Middle,' 'The Swan Song' and 'Jupiter.' My sincerest thanks to the following people/sites for them:


Dragonchic and Bradcpu – (FNA) Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards

Victoria(EPMVA) Endless Passion Music Video Awards

Kitty - (BKSLA) Black Key Sugar’d Locket Awards

Chad(BOTN) Bring on the Night

Jennifer B. - Reckless Abandon

Holly - Pink Dot Awards

Elion - Crystal Illusions

(PIM) Poetry in Motion


Thanks so, so much guys! They are all seriously amazing!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

March 08, 2007 

Thank you to all my visitors, friends and affiliates who have all contributed
something memorable to this site over the years.
New Video: 'The Swan Song'


I really wanted to celebrate with a new video so I worked extremely hard ( including having an epic battle with WMM ) to finish this in time. It's a character study of Frodo and Arwen showing some of the similarities in their separate journeys throughout all three films. In the end it never rendered in same high quality of my other recent videos but I'm very thankful that it rendered at all. As usual, I hope you guys like it and it would mean a lot to me to hear your thoughts. My tagboard is always open or you can email me at elviras_love@yahoo.com Thanks:) 
Six New Awards
Received some new awards and feedback for 'When You're Evil', 'Black Balloon' and 'Arwen's Choice'. Many thanks to J.C., Amy and Jay at Endless Desires; Donna at With Silence and Tears and Nikima of Never Forget Awards. You gals rock!

February 23, 2007 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day and I'm very glad to know that you guys liked the cards. ^_^ Admittedly they were a lot of fun to create and give out. It was like a flashback to my grade school days when everyone made and gave out valentines to each other. lol I've been attempting to reorganize the site a bit lately so things work more smoothly here and I do apologize to everyone for the delay in updates. There will be a new Frodo and Arwen LotR video posted soon. The music of choice this time is 'The Swan Song' by Within Temptation. Until then I'm happy to announce

Three new Affiliates:


Lady Kate Productions: A lovely multi-fandom music video/graphic and fanfic site hosted by Lady Kate. Some of her fandoms include LotR, Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice, Lost, PotC, Titanic, Underworld, Kingdom of Heaven, North & South and Howl's Moving Castle.


Midkitten's Music Videos: If you're a Roswell fan you'll definitely want to visit this awesome music vid site hosted by Melissa Davis. 


Lady of the Shield-Arm: LotR fan and music vid site with lots of beautiful graphics including screen caps, avatars, backgrounds, bookmarks, banners and even hand drawn artwork. There are also games, movie sound/clip bites and a graphic contest.   


Please take a moment to visit them!

Six new Awards!
 'Black Balloonwon my first Most Enchanting video award from MMVA and 'World on Firesnagged Best Music RU at 'Crystal Illusions'! 'Jupiteralso took home four awards from Endless Desires; including Best AU, POV and Song Use. 
Many thanks J.C., Amy, Jay, MJade and Elion! You guys rock! ^_^

February 08, 2007 

Ok, I'm a little behind so this will be a tad long..
First of all, I really wanted to share this Valentines Day themed wallpaper. I had worked very hard on it and think it turned out pretty good. It was a special request for my mum, lol.. and yes she was really happy for it :) It's themed to the movie 'Somewhere in Time.' So please feel free to use it if you wish.

[1024 x 768 resolution]

There are two new Affiliates to welcome!


'Lothlorien of the Elves' is a LotR fan site hosted by Alasse. There are tons of goodies including cast bios, graphics, fanfics, poetry, games, movie scripts and so much more. If you're a LotR fan you'll deffinately want to pop in for a visit! 


'The Lion's Main Productions' is a music vid site hosted by Kate Pevensie. Her fandoms include The Chronicles of Narnia, LotR, The Princess Bride, Van Helsing, Spider-Man, PotO and more. A highly recomended and recent favorit of mine ^_^ Hope you all check it out! 

 A BIG Thanks to Elion at 'Crystal Illusions' for some awesome feedback and seven beautiful awards for 'Black Balloon' including Best Vidder, Video and Judges Choice! It's been a while since I last received a Best Vidder award and I'm very honored! 'When You're Evil' snagged a very awesome Best Comedy award from FNVA and some gorgeous Best Editing, Comedy and Horror awards from Endless Desires! Lol.. it humors me a little to see the same vid get a comedy and horror award but it's very fitting if you've seen it =D Many thanks Dragonchic, J.C., Amy and Jay!

January 24, 2007 

For the past three + years I’ve been editing fan vids as a hobby and watching them for nearly twice that long. In doing so, I’ve come across a few really awesome/inspiring ones that I personally love. I’ve always had a great respect for all my fellow vidders here on this giant expanse of internet because without them I know I wouldn’t be here. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to gradually gather these videos that captivate me and honor them the best way that I know. Yes, that’s right.. a personal, one of a kind award graphic created by me/myself just for them = ) I will soon be adding a new page to my site to showcase these works of art, so keep a look out!


To begin it all I would like to give a big thanks to Kate Pevensie for making a truly wonderful Frodo and Sam vid! Excellent editing (timing and clip selection), perfect song choice combined with my two favorite characters ever, make How to Save a Life my first award pick! ^_^ Congratz hun! You deserve it! 

My 'When You're Evil' vid won two more awards recently from EPMVA! Most Unique and Song Use RU! Thank you Victoria! =)

January 16, 2007 

'When You're Evil' won three awards recently! Two from UA and a very awesome Best Editing award from MMVA! Many thanks to MJade and Jenn!

January 01, 2007 

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