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I know that these compositions are not masterpieces but I did have a lot of fun creating them.  To view the full image, please click on the thumbnail picture below. 


I must ask that you remain respectful of my work.  Please do not steal my compositions to claim as your own.  They are copyright material.  Thank you.

Voice and Piano

This piece is my favorite composition that I have written.  When I composed it several months ago my focus was more on the sound than anything else.  That is why, to this date it does not posses a name or lyrics.  Its musical style was inspired by a popular song called the Entertainer by Joplin



As a child, whenever I felt down or sad there was a tune that came to mind, easing my sorrows.  I don't know where it came from but my mother suggested it may be a lullaby she once sang to me.  Anyway, I wrote this composition as a variation of that tune closest to my heart and I think it tuned out very well. The chosen instruments for this piece are Flute, Cello and Harp.  Hope you enjoy! 


Disclaimer:  This is a fan operated, non-profit site.  In no way does it intend to infringe on copyrights held.